Cable Preacher Curl

• Position a preacher bench two feet in front of a pulley machine.

সঠিক সময়ে সঠিক তথ্য পেতে চান? 

• Attach a straight bar to the low pulley.

• Sit on the preacher bench and position your elbows and upper arms firmly on top of the bench pad. Ask someone to hand you the bar from the low pulley.

• Grab the bar and fully extend your arms on top of the preacher bench pad. This is the starting position.

• – Pull the weight up towards your shoulder, squeezing your biceps hard at the top of the movement. Exhale as you do so, holding for a second at the top.

• Slowly lower the weight to the starting position.

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• Repeat for the desired number of reps.

Level : Beginner
Equipment Required : Cable Machine

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