Step Machine

• Stand with your feet on the foot pedals and program your routine by following the prompts on the display. • Grasp the handlebars loosely with a fist like grip…

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Mountain Climbers

• Assume a standard push-up position with arms straight. Hands should be placed below shoulders but just outside of shoulder-width. • Your body should now form a straight line from…

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Bycycle Machine

• Sit down on the bike and adjust the seat to your height. • Choose the option you wish to use from the menu. Depending on the model, you may…

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Treadmill Running

• Stand on the elevated platform of a treadmill machine. • Choose your intended routine by selecting the route and following the onscreen prompts. • Hold the handlebars provided by…

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Elliptical Machine

  • Step onto the elliptical trainer machine and choose the option you wish to use from the menu. You can select a set program or you can use the…

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• Stand tall with feet hip-width apart and arms at your sides. • Begin exercise by bending knees and lowering hips down while simultaneously placing your hands on the ground…

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