Crunch on Exercise Ball

• Lie on an exercise ball with your lower back pressed against the surface of the ball. Your legs should be bent at the knee, your feet should be flat on the floor. When you are in the proper position, your upper torso should be hanging off the top of the ball. Keep your arms at your head.

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• Lower your torso and stretch out, keeping your neck stationary at all times. This is the starting position.

• With your hips stationary, contract your abs to flex your waist. Curl your shoulders and trunk up until you feel a contraction in your abs. Your arms should slide up the side of your legs or stay on top of your chest if you chose to cross them. Your lower back should be in contact with the ball at all times. Exhale as you perform this movement and hold the contraction for a second.

• Inhale, and move back to the starting position.

• Repeat for the desired number of reps.

Level : Intermediate
Equipment Required : Exercise Ball

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