Dumbbell Step up

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• Advanced athletes can choose between dumbbells, barbell (back squat position) or weighted vest.

• Those without access to weights can hold 2 water jugs or wear a back pack on their back. If you don’t have weights, perform bodyweight step ups for 15 reps per set and aim to explode upwards as fast as possible on each rep.

• Use a bench, box or stable chair at (or just below) knee height.

• Explode upward as fast as you can on each repetition. Lower slowly and repeat with the same leg for 8 repetitions before switching legs.

• Make sure that you keep your heel on the bench and your knee doesn’t go over your toe. Keep your chest up throughout the exercise.

Level : Beginner
Equipment Required : Dumbbell, Bench

Targeted Mussels



    quads muscle used12 1    


  buttocks muscle used04 1 calf muscle used05 1 hamstrings muscle used08 1  


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