Lunge Jump

• Prepare to jump by bending your knees and sinking down into a deep lunge. Lean slightly forward and contract your core muscles. You will maintain core muscle engagement throughout the exercise.

• Quickly sink your weight down and then explosively drive both feet into the floor and launch your body upward, fully extending your knees and hips.

• As you jump into the air, bring your feet quickly together and switch positions as you begin to land. You should also switch arms as you do this.

• As you land, maintain a balanced foot position. Your forward knee should be over your forward foot and not beyond. Attempt to land softly on the forward mid-foot and let your heel come in contact with the ground. Avoid remaining on the toes of the forward foot. Keep your hips back and allow your hips and knees to bend deeply to absorb the landing. Don’t lock your knees.

• Drop to a deep lunge position as you prepare to start the next jump lunge.

• Repeat the jump lunge movement for the duration of your exercise time. Aim for a few reps to begin and work up to a full 60 seconds.

Level : Beginner
Equipment Required : None