Treadmill Running

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• Stand on the elevated platform of a treadmill machine.

সঠিক সময়ে সঠিক তথ্য পেতে চান? 

• Choose your intended routine by selecting the route and following the onscreen prompts.

• Hold the handlebars provided by the treadmill and begin to walk when the treadmill starts to move.

• Continue to hold the handlebars or release them if you can safely do so. If you release the handlebar, bend your arms at the elbow the same as if you were running on land.

• Run on the treadmill being careful to keep pace with the moving platform.

• When your exercise is complete, gradually slow down your run to a walk as the treadmill slows and then come to a complete stop along with it.

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Level : Beginner
Equipment Required : Machine

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