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• Stand facing the bar with your feet slightly spread. Keep your back motionless and a little arched. Flex your knees until your thighs are almost parallel to the floor. Take an overhand grip on the bar, with your hands slightly more than shoulder-width apart to prevent the bar from rolling and to work with much heavier weight.

• Inhale, contract your abdominal and low back muscles, and lift the bar by straightening your legs (contracting your abdominals and keeping your back straight), raising it in front of your shins.

• When the bar reaches your knees, extend your torso so you are standing erect with your arms straight down at your sides.

• Exhale as you complete the movement.

• Hold this straightened position for 2 seconds, then return to the weight to the floor, making sure you do not hyperextend or arch your back.

Level : Intermediate
Equipment Required : Barbel

Targeted Mussels



    hamstrings muscle used08 1    


  buttocks muscle used04 1calf muscle used05 1 abs muscle used01 1lower back muscle used10 1lats muscle used09 1 quads muscle used12 1traps muscle used14 1  


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