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• Place a barbell on a squat rack. Duck under the bar and position it across your shoulders on the trapezius, slightly above the posterior part of the deltoids. Grasp the bar using a grip width appropriate to your body type and pull your elbows to the rear.

• Inhale deeply (to maintain intrathoracic pressure and prevent yourself from bending forward) and slightly arch your back by rotating your pelvis forward.

• Look straight ahead and lift the bar off the rack.

• Move back a step or two from the rack and set your feet shoulder-width apart, keeping your toes pointed forward or slightly angled outward.

• Slowly bend your knees, squat down your back and slightly bent forward.

• To avoid injury, keep your back straight (the axis of flexion runs through the hip-thigh joint).

• Once your thighs are parallel to the floor, extend your legs and straighten your torso to return to the starting (upright) position.

• Exhale as you complete the movement.

Level : Intermediate
Equipment Required : Barbell, Squat Rack

Targeted Mussels



    quads muscle used12 1    


  buttocks muscle used04 1calf muscle used05 1   lower back muscle used10 1hamstrings muscle used08 1  


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